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What to Do When He Doesn't Text You Back – Decoding his Silence

What to Do When He Doesn't Text You Back – Decoding his Silence

By: Tina Jones | Jul 31, 2010 | 421 words | 1628 views
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Did you just send him yet another text and he still doesn't text you back? Have you insisted he answer you because it's important? Do you hate how he always keeps you waiting like this and you're ready to smash your phone? Cool it and take a breather. You may be the reason he's in no hurry to respond. Here's why.

You might think it's cute to exchange a dozen messages a minute with your girlfriends. You text about the cute handbag you saw, the guy at the corner who winked at you and the brilliant blue of the sky. All cute, amusing even funny if your girlfriends are all on board and they do the same.

But a guy doesn't often want to be bombarded with every minor thing that is going on in your day. It's not that he doesn't care about you, but you might be filling his head with so many trivialities that you're leaving him dizzy.

Cutesy texts of, "What ya doing?" followed five minutes later with, "Now, what ya doing?" don't generally sit well with guys. Get to the basics and only text when you have something of substance to say. He'll come to know that when a text comes in from you it's something important or, at the very least, interesting.

The girl who is always texting about the birds in the trees and the color of the leaves can quickly have a guy ignoring her texts altogether.

No matter the text you send, be patient and wait for his reply. I once saw a girl text her guy over fifteen times within a half hour span, all insisting he text her back right away and each more angry than the last. Not only did he never text back, he broke things off. Give him plenty of time.

And finally, give yourself some time as well. You don't have to constantly have your phone at your hip in case he calls or texts and you don't have to respond within the minute when he does. He can be patient, too, so let him wait it out a bit.

Avoid these mistakes, but also stay in tune to his responses. The occasional cute text could bring a smile to his face and he might enjoy knowing what you're doing at any given time of the day. The key is to dose it well and keep it fun.

If he's texting you back with equally cute and frequent texts, there's a good chance he's having fun with it. If not, tone your little fingers down.

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What to Do When He Doesn't Text You Back – Decoding his Silence

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