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What India Expects From Obama?

What India Expects From Obama?

By: CD Mohatta | Jan 21, 2009 | 345 words | 352 views
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The relationship between the United States of America and India has seen tremendous improvement during the years of President Bush. With Barack Obama soon to take over as the new President of the United States of America, what can India expect? Let us discuss that.

President George Bush has been very good with India. He has been quote understanding about the problems India faces and he also recognizes India as an emerging power. The days when US used to treat India as an underdeveloped nation are over. The reality is different now. United States of America knows that India cannot be ignored. United States of America has to give respect to India because of the power it wields. Barack Obama will have to consider this while relating to India. If Barack Obama wants to make India talk to Pakistan about Kashmir that is not possible any more. India does not wish to be treated as a third world country anymore. The kind of economic resurgence in India makes it a future super power and India expects that recognition from the world now. It will be in the interest of United States of America to treat India thus to get more business from Indians.

India expects the new United States of America president to take note of the terrorist activity of ISI of Pakistan. United States of America cannot ignore ISI and fight terrorism around the world any more. Barack Obama and his team will have to talk to Pakistan about this.

The recent Mumbai attack has exposed Pakistan as a terrorist haven and Indians want to punish the perpetrators of that crime. USA must support India in a way that makes Pakistan act. Merely making noises will not help any more. India wants United States of America to reconsider aid to Pakistan because most of the military aid is not used to fight the Taliban but to prepare Pakistan to fight India. This kind of aid must stop immediately. The Indian power can stop Chinese communism, not the United States of America. President Barack Obama must recognize this fact.

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What India Expects From Obama?

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