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Three things to remember in asking a girl out for a date

Three things to remember in asking a girl out for a date

By: Jack Meijer | Aug 27, 2009 | 271 words | 518 views
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Asking a girl out on a date is no easy feat, especially if she is above your league.  Asking such a girl out brings nervousness, makes you falter and there is always a fear of getting rejected that may be stopping you from asking a girl out.  You may have a lot of trepidations and confusions in asking a girl out.  Here are a few tips that you can use in asking your girl out and have her agree right away.

  • Don’t ask, invite:  Why ask her out and take the risk of getting a “no” for an answer?  Instead invite her for a dinner or coffee.  Don’t give her options to refuse.  If she is not free at a specific time, immediately give her the option of choosing a day of her choice.
  • Dress well: It is important that you look enticing enough for her to want to go out with you on a date.  If you are well dressed she surely would not mind going out, even though she is not particularly keen.  But if you are shabbily dressed, your date idea goes straight into the bin.
  • Be casual: Don’t make a big deal out of asking out.  It will make you nervous and you may also end up making her confused and nervous.  It is a good idea to say something like "I want to take you out for dinner tonight” instead of” I want to go on a dinner date with you”.

Don’t plan a complicated date: keep the dating plans simple.  Don’t ask her to join you on a holiday.  You can ask her out for coffee, lunch or dinner instead.

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Three things to remember in asking a girl out for a date

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