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The Middle East Undesirable Elements

The Middle East Undesirable Elements

By: Peter Odeh | Feb 1, 2009 | 422 words | 440 views
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By now the pragmatic realization that they are some undesirable elements in the Middle East Region that will never advocate for peace and by implication continue the perpetuation of the propaganda in that part of the world should be unquestionable after the recent rocket attacks on Israel and the subsequent retaliation.

Nevertheless I am strongly appealing to President Barack Obama and his administration never to give up hope and the conviction that peace can indeed be part and parcel of that part of the world. Many of theses egocentric elements are keen on making sure that the status quo is maintained so that they can continue to inimically and detrimentally constitute an obstacle to real progress between Israel and the Palestine on one hand and the effort of the new administration in the United States of America.

Without an iota of doubt the actions of those who instigate innocent citizens to perpetuate and continue the campaign of denigration against the parties involved between Israel and Palestine are the epitome of diabolism and inhumanity in our culture. The fact that such group people and their ideology is myopically tailored toward their selfish interest, and the continuation of destabilization in this part of the world is not only a shameful act but one which conspicuously manifest the heartless, callous and cold-blooded  inclinations, ideology and convictions that they are immersed in.

It is just very difficult to imagine that in this era of change and hope some of us; human beings can still pretend not to appreciate the wind of change that is blowing worldwide and the feverish feelings of an anticipated time of peace, hope and neighborliness.  What are most incomprehensible about this whole Middle East situation are the unfortunate but realistic facts that on both side of the aisles- the Israelis and the Palestinians they are saboteurs who careless about the regional peace and what it might imply for the entire mankind. To the best of my understanding this is evil being personified in disguise by these perpetrators and posterity shall never forgive them.

My prayer is with the families that are losing loved ones daily and having to cope with the realization that we as human beings still have a long way to go especially in context of being honestly motivated to support any peaceful and long lasting plan that can translate the Middle East to an abode of haven for humanity.

May God grant eternal rest to the faithful departed and the fortitude to their loved ones and all of us to bear the irreparable loss. Amen.

Author Description :

Peter Odeh was born on April 21st 1972 to Chief (Hon.) Onoja Odeh and Mrs. Oronya Odeh of Idiri and Oklenyi Clan of Okpoga Benue State Nigeria. He was educated at the University of Calabar under the College of Medical Sciences and graduated with Second Class Upper degree pass in Medical Laboratory Technology.
Mr. Odeh holds the licensure and certification to practice as a medical technology in Nigeria and the United States of America. He is married to Helen and the couple has four kids, Oga, Oronya, Olofu and Onoja.
He currently practice in Baltimore Maryland, were he has been living since 2002.

The Middle East Undesirable Elements

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