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Sometimes We Need Tell Lie To Maintain A Good Relationship

Sometimes We Need Tell Lie To Maintain A Good Relationship

By: sunshine02 | Dec 31, 2008 | 350 words | 292 views
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Lie is a negative word but sometime you should tell the lie to maintain the stable and good relationship with others that means telling the truth is not the most important consideration in the relationship.

In the relationship of friends, trust must be the key among the friends. I don't make friends with who is always not honest to me for their own sake. But to some extent cheating is not always the bad thing. On the contrary it can bring benefit to friendship. The things happen to me proved that. I borrowed the bike from my good friend and unfortunately I broke it up. When he came to me for giving it back I lied to him. Until fixed well I sent it back to him and then I treated him a big dinner. It seems noting happen between us and our friendship is getting better.

The same phenomenon appears in the relationship of family members. Our relatives often care about us when we are far away from home. Something unhappy or some bad things might be happen to us. At this time, in my opinion, it's unwise to tell your relative you ran into some trouble. First if tell them the things would not get better and secondly it made them more worried about you. We should find other ways to solve the problem and tell them we just fine. In the end we get rid of problem and they are happy to see us fine.

Also the fact is that if you always tell the truth it may hard to keep the secret. Secret is important to everybody's man who tell the truth may easily let the secret run out of his month. Maybe he don't mean it but if happened things can not bring back It would do hurt the person who is in the secret.

To sum up, given the reasons mentioned above, we can safely reach the conclusion that lie can be valued as a positive word on some condition so we'd better not tell the truth all the time It may do harm to your relationship with others.

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Sometimes We Need Tell Lie To Maintain A Good Relationship

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