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Obama's Fat-Free Czar

Obama's Fat-Free Czar

By: Gene Lalor | Jul 23, 2010 | 601 words | 374 views
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This administration has more czars than you can shake a rolling pin at. It seems to give Obama a certain measure of comfort and satisfaction to bestow on a crony or a philosophical clone a prestigious title and, in many cases, a hefty raise.

Naming czars also serves to create a slew of loyal vassals faithfully beholden only to the president since czars generally escape the scrutiny of congressional oversight even though they do wield enormous power.

There is no such official title as "czar," of course, but appointees to high level positions who have been assigned a specific policy area are routinely given the czar title for the sake of brevity. Rather than refer to the Director of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers, we can just say, "Auto Recovery Czar."

There's no limit to how many such czars a president can appoint. George W. Bush had his czar share but Obama seems out to set a czar-record with at least 31-and counting- to date, not including the most recent, Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives. That's a few steps up from Michelle's "food initiative coordinator," aka family chef, and Sam Kass may come to be known as the Fat-Free Czar.

The shaven-headed Kass has staged a meteoric rise from Obamas' cook to that grand title and his rapid ascension must be related to Michelle Obama's campaign against childhood obesity which she terms a national security threat because it is a "disqualifier for military service."

Blessed with a fine metabolism, Michelle O. wants to be as proud of her country's waistlines as she finally was proud of her country when Barack secured the Democrat nomination for president.

Her husband is so consumed with national security concerns that he "has been convinced to spend $400 million a year on 'healthy foods' in low-income neighborhoods as well as revise-at a cost of $10 billion-a federal plan to provide food to poor children in school:"

Hey, a billion here, a billion there. Who cares?

Sam's curriculum vitae or resume' is a tad on the thin side as compared to people like Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein or even deposed, racist Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones.

Sam attended the University of Chicago's "Lab School" and received a history degree in 2004 from U.C. Still, his chief claim to fame is that he hails from Obama's adopted home turf, the corrupt Windy City, and cooked for the royal first family even before it became the first family.

However, Sam's qualifications don't seem to go beyond being named as one of People magazine's "most beautiful people" of 2009 and being a member of Obama's golf foursome on Martha's Vineyard last year:

Let's be real, though. The man, unmarried at 29, is now a full-fledged Obamaczar and deserves some respect.

Kass works with Jocelyn Frye, Mrs. Obama's domestic policy czarina. "Sam has been really terrific," said Frye, "in part because what he helps us think about is how these issues operate in the real world, that is the sort of the practical experience he brings to the table. He's worked in the kitchen, he's worked with families, he understands what is realistic to say to people in terms of healthy eating and what seems sort of out of bounds."

Need more be said? Sam Kass is as qualified as anyone to serve as Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives, or as Fat-Free Czar.

Let's just hope for the sake of the Obama family that he is as assiduous in washing his hands before leaving the men's room as he is in giving advice on healthy foods. Sam Kass' history degree should really be a big plus in that regard.

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Obama's Fat-Free Czar

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