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Make Wife Cum: How To Make Your Wife Cum

Make Wife Cum: How To Make Your Wife Cum

By: Neil | Mar 13, 2010 | 690 words | 13281 views
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Interesting fact: Did you know that for most women, cunnilingus (oral sex) is their preferred sexual act? But with over 6,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, you need to know exactly what you're doing before poking your tongue around there, otherwise it could be really painful and, even worse, spoil the mood! It also doesn't help that an estimated 50% of women fake orgasms. So, how would you know you're doing it right?

How to make your girlfriend cum: A complete step-by-step guide

Let's go through the steps one by one shall we..

1. Tease her first: The first step is to arouse her completely. Women like tenderness and affection. Gently caressing their body while they relax is a great way to do this. Run your fingers along her body barely touching it. You can continue this for 2-3 minutes and in the mean while don't touch her clitoris or breasts. When you do work your way up to her breasts just circle your fingers over them without touching the nipples. You can even kiss the round of her breasts but stay away from the nipples. I'll tell you why in the next step..

2. Act of touching: After the teasing, comes the act of touching. Touch her nipples gently. Continue circling the breasts while licking here and there, but still not on the nipples. This will drive her crazy and put you in control and have her begging for more.

3. The physical act: Now is the time to begin the physical act of intercourse. But don't hurry and plunge in. You should again start with the act of teasing her, this time with your penis. You can gently touch the lips of the clitoris with your penis. Rub your penis softly but don't enter completely. She wants you to enter but you have to torture her by putting in just half an inch or so.

4. Keep mounting the pressure:
Once you have driven your woman to the extreme lengths of pleasure and ecstasy, you can just push in further, moving in and out, slowly. Taking control you can move in again this time a full inch. Slow and steady, move in further, increasing the pressure until the penis is completely inside the whole length. Once you are completely inside you might touch her clit. Keep teasing her as the more you tease her, the more she will want you to continue. This will also help in making your orgasm more intense.

5. Time to surrender:
Now both of you are quivering with ecstasy and desire. You can keep pushing in and out. Keep the speed steady and she will experience orgasm. You can increase the speed if you both wish but don't ram too hard. She might experience more than one orgasm and at the same time, you may also experience the most incredible orgasm you've had.

These are just the basics, if you want to learn more advanced techniques, that will really separate you from the rest, I encourage you to read on..

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Make wife orgasm tonight

Make Wife Cum: How To Make Your Wife Cum

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