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How to Tell if a Man Likes You

How to Tell if a Man Likes You

By: Tony Smith | Aug 21, 2008 | 392 words | 3524 views
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How can you tell if a guy likes you? Well, it's quite simple. What I'm going to share with you are some ways to tell if a man likes you. Once you know the clues guys use, you'll probably see that they're are alot of guys making moves on you, you just couldn't tell.

Here are ways to tell if a guy likes you:

1. If he's always being really nice to you. I know there are alot of nice guys out there. But if a guy is always holding the door for you, telling you how pretty you look, wishing you a good day, asking how your day was, then there's a good chance he likes you.

2. If you catch a guy always looking at you. If you're at work and you notice that a certain guy is always looking at you. Then, he likes you. He's probably trying to build up enough courage to come talk to you.

3. Another way to tell if a man likes you is if he's always being friendly. Some guys are nervous and shy, so to get to know you, they will try being your friends. If he always wants to hangout, come over to your house, ask if you need anything fixed around the house, or wants to always take you out to eat at lunch time at work, then he likes you.

4. If a guys is always talking about what he wants in life and his future, he's telling you because he's interested in you. He's probably also telling you to impress you. It's what guys do to get women interested in them.

5. Another way to tell that a guy likes you is a tricky one. If he picks on you all the time or is always giving you "love" taps, he's interested. Guys do this hoping you'll finally get the clue that they like you.

If a man is doing any of the five things I outlined, he probably likes you. There are alot of men who are bashful, nervous around women, or playing hard to get like you. When around women they like, men sometimes act foolish or do things that doesn't make any sense.

Now that you know how to tell if a man likes you, the next time you have your eye set on Mr. Right, you'll know if he likes you or not.

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How to Tell if a Man Likes You

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