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How To Seduce A Woman - Simple But Highly Effective Steps To Seduce Woman

How To Seduce A Woman - Simple But Highly Effective Steps To Seduce Woman

By: Johan Krost | Jul 2, 2008 | 395 words | 1100 views
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The first secret to seducing a woman is, understanding what they are looking for. Men and women differ so much that working out what she wants can be a complete mystery for many men. Getting inside the mind of the opposite sex does not need to be such a mystery though, as the answer is actually a lot simpler than men realize.

One of the biggest mistakes men make is that they assume women think the same way men do. Let go off all the assumptions you have about what you think women like. Learning to understand that there are profound differences between the sexes starts you off on the right foundation to seducing women.

Women place far more importance on effective communication then men. Learning to communicate with women is your key to success. This can seem like a daunting task for many men but you don't need to be a genius right away. Start off with small steps and build confidence with talking to women. Once you can communicate effectively it gives you a springboard to learning more about her and finding out what she's looking for. Effective communication also helps you develop an emotional connection with her which is crucial if you want to seduce a woman.

Another mistake men make is they don't have the patience to properly seduce a woman. If you try to rush things you can ruin any further chances you have of getting to know her. A woman wants to know you are really interested in getting to know her and not just wanting sex. It is far better to take things slowly, even slower than you need to and make sure she responds positively to each of your attempts to get closer to her.

There is no step by step check off list that you can follow to seduce women. Each woman is different and what she expects from a man is equally different. These key steps, communication and patience, are the basis on which to find out what a woman wants and how to seduce her.

Lastly, women in general want to feel special. Just about all women love when men are romantic. Being a gentleman and providing romantic settings all go a long way in making a woman fall in love with you. She will know you care and really want to please her. so dont forget to be romantic.

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How To Seduce A Woman - Simple But Highly Effective Steps To Seduce Woman

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