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How to Make Someone Love You

How to Make Someone Love You

By: Francis Githinji | Sep 17, 2008 | 506 words | 1269 views
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Whoever said you cannot make someone love you could be very wrong. To a certain degree he or she could have been right but i strongly believe you can make someone love you. Here is how to make them love you and never want to leave your side. It is easy. And even when everybody around you tells you that you can not make someone love you and that you can only be someone they can love you can. That person will start noticing you and even loving you. They might even begin to love you more than you do.

Make that person your friend, you have to be friends first before they can love you. Meet up with them anywhere, make sure you know places they frequent and what time they will pass a specific spot. Say halloo with a smile. Do this for a couple of days. Much later, meet up with them and introduce yourself, you can be very sure they will introduce themselves back. You do not have to strike a conversation with them immediately after this. You can ask them for a date and meet them later. No matter how many times they say no to your invitation, do not be discouraged. Ask them again and again. If you persist they might just give you a date for the heck of it. Don't care much about them giving you a date just to make you stop nagging them.

When you finally get that date with them, make sure you go in a nice place. Strike a very interesting conversation. I would never advice you to be yourself during this time, don't even think about it. What I will advice you not to do is to be too active to the point that you make your date feel uncomfortable. Give them a reason to want to meet up with you the next time. If you are boring, you will never get them to go on another date with you. This first date is your great striking point and it will determine if that person will want to see you again or not. Be very enthusiastic about things. People love intelligent people, try not to look and sound stupid. This way i can guarantee you will make them love you.

Now that they agreed to go out on a date with you and you already had a date with them, don't make them loose their breathing space. Do not be in every corner they turn and spend every waking moments with them. If you do this, you will go back to square one trying to make them your friend again. You don't want this to happen. Give them space, allow them to miss you and look for you. I do understand that you love them and you want desperately for them to love you back, but do not over do it. Sometimes giving people you love space can make them realize that they love you right back. See, you can make someone love you, yes you can.

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How to Make Someone Love You

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