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How to Make Him Scream- Give Him the Best Head Ever

How to Make Him Scream- Give Him the Best Head Ever

By: Michelle Jacobs | Jan 10, 2010 | 270 words | 5943 views
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Making a man scream with pleasure from oral sex can be something that you can do tonight. Even though you think you are so bad at it, all you need to learn are a few tricks so you can really give him pleasure that will be out of this world. Use these tips to make that happen tonight.

In order to make him scream and give him the best head ever, there are a few things that you can do. First of all, you need to prep him for the main event. Women love foreplay and they forget that men like it too. Create anticipation for him and get him all revved up and ready for oral sex. Make him tingle with excitement and this is how you will really get his juices flowing.

When he is hard as rock, slowly let him into your mouth, inch by inch. The slow entry will allow him to feel the warmth and softness of your mouth. It will drive him wild.

A great way to make him scream is to use a hand to stroke his shaft. Stroking his shaft with your hand gives him a rough touch that he will love. Men like it rough and since you can’t be rough with your mouth, you have to use a hand.

Use your mouth to stimulate the tip of his penis and use your tongue to flick against him, massage him and suck, blow and lick him all over. Your tongue is a powerful and sexy muscle, so use it to your advantage.

Use these tips to make him scream and to give him the best head ever.

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How to Make Him Scream- Give Him the Best Head Ever

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