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How to Make a Man Fall For You

How to Make a Man Fall For You

By: Tina L. Jones | Apr 3, 2010 | 727 words | 1489 views
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Do you know how to successfully make a man fall for you? Are you aware than men and women think and interact with the world in different ways? Do you know how to use these differences to your advantage? You probably know that the sexes operate on different wavelengths. You may have even read Dr. Gray's book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which can tell you a lot about the different mindsets of men and women. But if you are still struggling to understand how to attract a good man, you must read this article! It will help you understand male psychology and show you how to make a man fall for you.

Women are naturally good at getting to know another person and forming an emotional connection with them. Men, on the other hand, often take longer to feel like they are connecting with someone. This can be very frustrating for the woman: she may have fallen in love with him weeks ago, but he still believes he's in the getting-to-know you phase of the relationship. Thankfully, there is an upside to this problem. Once you make a man fall for you, there is no turning back. He will be completely and totally yours!

In the past, there were very specific social rules that told men and women how to interact with each other. Women were always passive, and the men ALWAYS took the active role. Although these rules were oppressive in many ways, they were also better at satisfying the male need to dominate. The man was expected to put forth all the effort while the woman merely accepted his attentions and made small, barely recognizable expressions of gratitude. There was no question as to who would initiate the relationship and make decisions about moving forward.

Today, the dating scene is much more convoluted. Women are more empowered than ever, and many of them feel comfortable asking a man out on a date and otherwise taking charge of the relationship. This can leave the man feeling emasculated and confused about his role.

These feelings of uncertainty extend beyond the first stages of the relationship. The man was traditionally the breadwinner in the household, and the woman was expected to fulfill all the domestic roles. Today, however, women usually work outside the home, and many earn more than their husbands. While this is good for women in some ways, it is confusing for men and can make them feel weak or unnecessary.

Modern women tend to scoff at old-fashioned things, but we can learn a lot from the set of rules that governed the courting process. Those rules evolved because they served men's needs and fed their desires to take a dominant role in choosing, courting, and marrying women. Even the most forward-thinking woman can use them to make a man fall for her. Here are some hints at how the women of centuries past won over their men.

Don't ask him out! Instead, use more subtle methods of attraction to signal that you're available. Looking good and using body language to attract a man will be more effective than making a more direct move.

Take is easy. Don't put too much pressure on him in the beginning or he will sense that he's in trouble and head for the door.

Avoid the urge to spill your guts to him. Even if you feel yourself falling in love with him, take your cues about moving forward from him. Waiting for him to catch up with you will make it easier to confess your feelings, and he'll be less likely to feel smothered. It will also save you a lot of embarrassment if he hasn't yet come to return your affections.

Remember that men like to take things slowly when they think a relationship might get serious. They are inherently cautious about exposing their "softer" side to a woman, and they won't do it at all if they feel pressured. These are all good reasons to let him take the wheel and decide when to move your relationship forward.

Don't spend too much time daydreaming about what your relationship might become. Men don't do this-they live in the moment and resent attempts to wring a commitment out of them. A better way to make a man fall for you is to have fun with him and not worry about how fast the relationship is moving.

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How to Make a Man Fall For You

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