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How To Make A Guy Chase You – Setting Off A Man's Desire

How To Make A Guy Chase You – Setting Off A Man's Desire

By: Tina Jones | Apr 14, 2010 | 364 words | 1758 views
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Are you looking for ways to get a guy to chase after you?  Would you like to know the feeling of having a man desire you so much that he'd go to great lengths just to get closer to you?  Have some of your friends complained about the men who are constantly chasing after them and you actually envy them rather than sympathize?  Every woman wants to know that she is desirable and here's what you can do to set off that man's desire for you.

If you have the tendency to be too needy and therefore too available to a guy, you should start right there.  Why should he chase after you if you're practically clinging to his ankles?  If anything, you're encouraging him to shake you off rather than desire you.

Hold back instead and give him reason to come after you.  If you back off and suddenly leave him a lot of space, he'll first appreciate the room he has to breathe, but in the long run he'll also start to miss having you around.  Now he's the one who has to reach out and get in touch with you, or try to get you to find time to see him.

And when you do see him, make sure the time you have with him is pleasant and amusing.  You don't want to spend your time complaining.  Whether it's about how bad your day went, or about how displeased you are with something he did or didn't do, set that aside and simply have a good time.

If you're always a downer, if you're always negative and if you're always getting on his back about something or other, he won't exactly be running to see you again.

And don't forget to assure you always look as great as you can when you're with him.  You want to continue to arouse that visual sense in him and have him constantly attracted to you.  If in addition to being unpleasant and irritable you're neglectful and careless in your appearance, you're leaving very little to be desired.

Men don't chase after what makes them feel bad.  They want to chase the woman who'll make him feel good.  Will that be you?

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How To Make A Guy Chase You – Setting Off A Man's Desire

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