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Finding Legal Judgments Online

Finding Legal Judgments Online

By: Shelby Larson | Aug 13, 2009 | 410 words | 350 views
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If you want to find out how a case turned out, you can now search databases online that list all the judgments made around the country.  It is hard to believe that what used to take hours upon hours of searching in local, county or federal courthouse basements is now available through the simple act of turning on your computer and making a request.  Still, around the country in courthouses big and small, judgments are being entered into databases, to make them available to the general public at a moment’s notice.

Granted, most people who are searching for these judgments are lawyers, searching for a precedent that has been set that may be relevant to cases they are currently trying.  There are huge companies dedicated to this kind of search specifically.  But there are a percentage of those searching the records who are doing it to see if potential dates are being honest, if companies have a history of lawsuits against them, or just plain curiosity about an odd neighbor.  No matter the reason, it is somewhat reassuring to know that you can find out just how a case turned out, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

One of the first things that women learn when they enter the online dating world is that most people you encounter aren’t as honest as you would like.  It has become commonplace to “google” someone before you agree to meet them.  The fact remains that such a search is at best cursory, and it can pay to take the time to do a criminal background search as well.  It is much better to find out a potential paramour has a number of judgments filed against him for embezzlement before you go out on a date with him.  The same is true of doing business with companies you don’t know well.  Better to know if they have a history of leaving work undone before you write your check.

Online search services charge a small fee and help you find people, companies, judgments, vital records and much more.  In a matter of a few seconds you enter your request and just sit back and watch the potential matches roll in.  What better way to protect yourself than to ensure your safety by checking to see if judgments have been filed against the subject of your inquiry?  The world can be an uncertain place and online searches with a reliable search service can make it safer.

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Finding Legal Judgments Online

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