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Best Places to Meet People

Best Places to Meet People

By: Todd Perkins | Jan 13, 2009 | 537 words | 811 views
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I know what everyone is thinking. You all think that I am going to say a bar is the best place to meet people. Not true! A bar is the best place to meet drunk people. Period. If you want to meet nice, friendly, non-drunk people, you have to go to other places. For instance, there are non drunk people at your job, right? If you work in a fairly large company, there are probably people you have not met, so go ahead and introduce yourself.

A little on the shy side? Consider a sports team as a way to break the ice. Sign up for the company softball team or agree to be an organizer for the next fun run. Not only will you be meeting people, you will be viewed as a real team player and that can come in handy when its time to do the next employee evaluations.

If you are self employed or work for a small company, then quit! But seriously, there are still places for you to meet people. Join a club or become active in your neighborhood’s groups. Start visiting the local coffee shop, just to hang out. Force yourself to strike up a conversation with at least one person before you are allowed to head back home. Figure out what interests you and talk about it.

If money is not an issue for you, perhaps you could take a guided tour to a place that you have never been. Make sure that you do not get booked on to one of the happy couple type excursions, ask if the travel agent has any singles specific tours. If you do not connect with someone on the trip, at least you can start a conversation with the girl at the photo lab, right?

If you are a parent, get involved with activities at your child's school. Your kid may not like it, but you will be meeting all kinds of people. Can anybody say, soccer moms? If you are not a parent you could still volunteer at youth groups and such, but that might come off as a little creepy to some people, definitely not the impression you want to make on a potential date.

Honestly, you want to know where the best place to meet people is? Wherever there are people. If you are out shopping, go to the sections where your desired target would be. Looking for a woman? Head to the women's department, but do not stand there and watch her shop for a bra. Gee, do I ever hate that! If you are looking for a man, head to a man type section of the store. I once struck up a conversation with a man in the fishing lure section of a well known store. I will let you in on a little secret: I have not interest whatsoever in fishing, but it gave me a great opening line to work with.

Unless you are a hermit, you are surrounded by people at least part of each day. Smile sweetly and say good morning wherever you go. You never know, that might be just the opening that shy little cutie has been waiting for!

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Best Places to Meet People

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